She’s starred in hit movies like 50 First Dates, Fever Pitch and Never Been Kissed, but Drew Barrymore recently opened up about how she’s never struggled as much as she did while filming her latest flick, The Stand-InIn a note posted to Instagram on Thursday, February 28, the 44-year-old shared a candid message about working hard.

“I faced my worst fears. Which was failure to launch let alone pull this off. The film is called The Stand-In and I am really proud right now,” Drew wrote in the caption. “I went method. I didn’t speak to anyone unless I was in one of the two characters voices or names. I pulled crazy hours. I never let go of the fear so that I would keep working harder on this job than I ever have in my life.”

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Fans of the brunette beauty couldn’t help but gush about the actress’ inspirational message. “Oh, I can’t wait to see it. No doubt you did amazing lady. What a top-notch mama your girls have,” one user wrote in the comments section. “How wonderful for your girls to have such a kind, hardworking and gracious role model as you,” said another.

In the Jamie Babbit-directed feature, Drew plays the leading roles of Candy and Paula, a comedy actress and her ambitious stand-in, respectively, who trade places, resulting in the stand-in stealing the actress’s identity, including her career and boyfriend. Drew described the project as “the hardest film I’ve done since Grey Gardens” and even added that for her role forces her to portray “many characters within” both Candy and Paula.”

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Drew’s dedicated and passionate work ethic is fueled by her daughters, Olive Barrymore Kopelman, 6, and Frankie Barrymore Kopelman, 4, who are the inspiration for her work. And Drew hopes that her daughters can look up to her and her never-ending hard work. “I also never had two girls to win over and impress like my daughters. If I have made them proud and showed them that an infallible work ethic is key, well then I really did my job. We shall now see how this film turns out.” Drew is such an amazing actress and mama!