Though actress Drew Barrymore got her start as a child actor in the notable film, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, she recently told People that she doesn’t want her young kids to start working at a very early age.

“I’m not going to let them be kid actors,” she revealed about her two children, Olive Kopelman, 6, and Frankie Kopelman, 4. “That’s so not their journey.”

Drew wants Olive and Frankie to just focus on being kids and they can worry about their career later. But Drew explained that if her kids decide that they really want to pursue acting, then she would not hold them back. “If they want to be actors [later] in life, I would be so supportive of it,” she said, and jokingly added, “Can you imagine me being [a] mom [who is] pushing her kids out there? That’s not going to happen.”

Right now Drew just wants her kids to pursue their own path in life, and find out what they’re good at. So far, they like to play with their building toys whenever they get a chance. “Frankie’s really into Legos right now, which I’m really excited about because I mistakenly thought it was a boy’s toy and it turns out she’s really good at it,” Drew said. “Her sister’s really good at Magna-Tiles. They’re both very good builders.”

When Drew was a kid, she also had the same similar tastes as her children. “I don’t think I was ever a builder when I was a kid [but] I collected cars and kept index cards. I, too, like boys’ things, like cars for boys, so I see the pattern in my girls,” she revealed.

Drew co-parents her two kids with her ex-husband Will Kopelman. In a previous Instagram post, she thanked Will for being the best dad ever. “I say to Will Kopelman, thank you for always being the best dad, and supporting, and enabling me to do what I need and want to do. I know that’s not everyone’s situation. And I never take it for granted. I never had family growing up.” How cute!