She is one of the most notable stars in Hollywood, but Drew Barrymore admits that she originally didn’t want her daughters to follow her career path — until something changed.

“When I first had my kids, I think I was so obsessed with doing everything differently with them, I almost thought that acting was some calling from the devil,” the 44-year-old — who shares daughters Olive, 7, and Frankie, 5, with her ex-husband, Will Kopelman — said on Today. “I was thinking, ‘My daughters will never be actors! God, no!’”

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However, something changed her mind. “Then I’m, like, wait, it’s a great family trade. I’m a Barrymore. My family has been doing this for hundreds and hundreds of years, and multiple generations,” the Santa Clarita Diet actress explained. Drew, who was quite young when her career blossomed with roles in E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial and Firestarter, originally wanted a different future for her little ones.

“[What] I really wanted for them was something very normal and traditional and safe,” The A-lister said. “I feel like I’ve accomplished that or I continue to sort of have that be my intention every day.” Drew also accepts the fact that her girls are “total performers,” adding that, “maybe they do have that Barrymore blood in there.”

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“Olive knows that I would prefer she wait until she’s 18, and then it’s really her life and her decision,” the Never Been Kissed star said. “I think there’s a way to give them a normal childhood that’s totally protected, and yet feed their love of how much they love to express themselves. And when they were first born, I just didn’t know how to rationalize it. Now, I do.”

Drew recently revealed that if her young kids did decide to follow her career steps, she now would be all about it. “If they were to go into acting in an appropriate age, I’d be, like, the most supportive, fiercest lion for it,” she once told Us Weekly. “Now I’m like, ‘If you want to do that and go into theater in high school and do that for a living, I’m behind you.’ I just want them to have, like, a normal childhood.”

If Olive and Frankie do decide to become actors, they of course will be inspired by their mom’s work. “They love Ever After [and] 50 First Dates and it’s weird because if anyone comes over and my movie is playing I’m like, ‘I swear to God I’m not that ego jerk,'” the Charlie’s Angels costar joked to Robin Roberts during a Good Morning America interview. But they call it a ‘mom movie’ and they enjoy watching it and I’m proud of who I am and what I’ve done.” So sweet!