He has made it very clear that he is all about his grandkids, and Dr. Oz proved that again by sharing a sweet snap from yesterday of his two eldest grandchildren, Philo and Jovan.

“Remember when they were this little? Where does the time go?” the TV personality, 59, wrote via Instagram on Friday, December 6. He then added, “#FBF Christmas 2017.” Check out the full pic below!

People were loving the cute photo, as they took to the comments section to respond. “Proud Grandpa Dr Oz. Beautiful family! Enjoy your day and holidays!” one person said. Another added, “That is why we need more to live in the moment and focus on ‘now.'”

Aside from Philo and Jovan, Dr. Oz also has two more grandkids — youngsters Domenica and Giovanna. All four kids are shared by his daughter Daphne Oz and her husband John Jovanovic. Dr. Oz has always been open about how in love he is with his role as a grandfather — he once revealed just how happy it makes him.

“The beautiful thing about being a grandfather is that you see the joy that you had as a father in your child,” he once exclusively told Closer Weekly. “So there’s a multiplier effect. Plus, you have the joy of the grandchild, and the best part — you can give them back!” he joked. Dr. Oz tries to spend plenty of time with the little ones, even using even moment to teach them something new.

“Try to think about the values they need to have and how you’re going to play with them to reinforce those,” he explained. “[It’s things like] how to deal with failure and how to deal with success.” Back in April 2019, prior to his eldest daughter having her fourth child, Dr. Oz spoke about the benefits of having a lot of kids.

Dr. Oz Daphne Oz

“The best thing about having more children is you can play zone defense!” he exclusively told Closer at the HealthCorps 13th Annual Gala in New York City. “And you can actually let the older children help with the younger children, and they want to do that anyway.”

Dr. Oz will always love his grandkids!