How sweet! Debbie Osmond‘s husband, Donny Osmond, took to Instagram on Tuesday, February 26, to give his “radiant” wife a sweet shout-out on her 60th birthday.

“I’ve never met someone who personifies beauty like Debbie does,” Donny, 61, wrote alongside a photo of he and his wife at the 2008 Oscars. “Anyone who knows her would agree that she glows wherever she goes. And perhaps the best part of all — her mind and heart are just as radiantly beautiful as she is on the outside. #HappyBirthday to my eternal sweetheart and the love of my life. ❤️”

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Debbie and Donny have been married since 1978 and in a previous interview with The Guardian, the performer admitted that his love has made such a huge impact in his life. “Debbie is an amazing person to be with. If I hadn’t married her, I’d have been a mess,” he confessed. “Now I [have] someone who understood me and with whom I could build a future together.”

For the couple’s 38th anniversary in May 2016, the legendary singer opened up about how much Debbie means to him on Facebook and said that he’s happy to have built a “wonderful life together” with his wife. “I first met Debbie when she was 15-years-old. She was the hot babe cheerleader in town and she dated my brother Jay before she dated me. It took me 3 whole years to win her heart and convince her to marry me,” he said. “We’ve shared a wonderful life together. Debbie gave me five wonderful sons. We now have 3 beautiful daughters-in-law. With the way she looks, who would ever believe that a woman that lovely is a grandmother 8 times?!”

Today, the pair are proud parents to their five adult kids, Donald Jr., 39, Jeremy, 37, Brandon, 34, Joshua, 21, and Christopher, 28. This truly is quite the lovely family!