A happy occasion. Donny Osmond wrote a heartwarming message to his older brother Wayne on the singer’s 69th birthday.

“Happy birthday to the guy who never fails to put a smile on my face!” Donny, 62, shared on Instagram next to a pic of him and his bro laying on his front lawn. “Wayne is a true class act. He has the unique ability to transform any situation into fun. Wishing you all the best on your #birthday, bro!”

As one of the Original Osmond brothers, Wayne gave up his life in the spotlight to be a family man to his wife, Kathlyn Osmond, and their five kids. However, in October 2019, he briefly came out of retirement to perform on The Talk for sister Marie Osmond‘s milestone 60th birthday.

“I haven’t had time to thank everyone publicly until now for all the effort in having everyone come together to make my birthday dreams come true,” Marie gushed at the time after the “Hold Her Tight” musician performed with Alan, Merrill and Jay Osmond on stage. “The four original Osmond Brothers sang together one last time [and] I wanted it to be my gift, to all of you too, for the way you have followed them through the years. I love you all!”

Although Marie and Donny are international superstars, they know none of their success would have been possible if Wayne and their other brothers didn’t follow their dreams in the first place. In the early ’60s, the four original Osmond Brothers rose to fame on The Andy Williams Show, and their stardom helped pave the way for Marie and Donny, who began their singing career a little later.

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“You see, they started singing to help buy [brothers] Virl and Tom [Osmond] hearing aids. I love my brothers so very much!!” Marie said. “They taught me (probably even when they didn’t want to), they critiqued me (even when I didn’t want them to) and we all kept learning, helping and loving together.”

Virl, 74, and Tom, 72, are Donny and Marie’s oldest siblings. All in all, the “Go Away Little Girl” singer has six brothers and one sister, and Donny loves each one of them dearly.