LOL! Donny Osmond gave fans quite the laugh while watching Jeopardy! on Tuesday, April 7.

When contestants on the beloved game show were asked to answer, “Tori Spelling’s unicorn and Donny Osmond’s peacock belted out tunes on this show — that line shouldn’t make any sense, but it’s true,” Donny, 62, couldn’t help but joke about the awesome recognition.

“‘What is The Masked Singer?'” the “Any Dream Will Do” singer captioned a photo of the Jeopardy! game show on his TV screen via Instagram. “I can finally say I am a clue on @Jeopardy. I’ll consider this my greatest accomplishment for this month of quarantine.”

Although Donny’s post was meant in good fun, his fans expressed how much he truly deserved to be a clue on the iconic game show. “Congratulations 🎈🎊🎉 you have done it all,” one user wrote in the comments section, while another echoed, “That’s momentous!!” A third fan chimed in, writing, “Well done, Donny … you hit the big time yet again!”

The Masked Singer alum has been coming up with all sorts of ways to keep himself — and even his fans — entertained amid the coronavirus pandemic. On April 4, Donny showed off impressive drawings of some his most famous characters that the children next door colored with chalk.

“So the little kids right across the street from our house rang the doorbell and they said, ‘Come look at what we did to your driveway!’” he gushed in a video clip. “Check it out.”

After flipping around the camera to face the driveway, elaborate drawings of Captain Li Shang from Disney’s Mulan and Donny’s iconic Peacock character from the Fox singing competition could be seen decorating the cement.

“Let’s get down to business … look at that, there’s a picture of Captain Shang … isn’t that cute?” Donny — who performed as the singing voice for the Disney character’s hit song “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” — marveled as he showed off the incredible artwork.

“And a peacock that says ‘Our No. 1 Masked Singer,’” Donny sweetly continued. “This is so cute.”

Besides giving his fans something to smile about, Donny has also offered words of wisdom. In early March, the Dancing With the Stars alum shared some great advice on how to cope with self-isolation.

“Despite being physically distanced, let’s all commit to looking out for those around us — especially those who are at higher risk or without help,” he wrote in a lengthy post on March 16. “Activities like making or listening to music, laughing, prayers or meditation, baking, creating and enjoying activities, playing games, organizing, reading, talking to or calling your loved ones can help manage anxiety. We will all get through this together.”

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