Nice try, Kelly Ripa! The TV host put her two cents into the 2016 election by trying to tell Donald Trump not to run for President of the US, but as you probably know by now, her voice was not heard.

The 46-year-old paid a visit to Late Night With Seth Meyers on Tuesday, July 25, and revealed she once tried to stop Donald from running for office even though it didn’t work. In the video below, she perfectly recalls the conversation she had with him over 10 years ago on Live!.

While Kelly has done interviews with Donald in the past, she’s most known for her perfect impersonation of him last Halloween (who could ever forget that costume?). When Seth asked her if he commented on her holiday look, she replied, “I didn’t get any feedback from him, which I was thankful for.”

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Mark Consuelos’ wife isn’t the only celeb to have ever impersonated Donald publicly. A-lister Alec Baldwin is well known for his ongoing impersonation of Donald on Saturday Nighy Live, while his fellow actor Johnny Depp couldn’t help but imitate the politician during a recent interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Too funny!