Every Donald Trump misfortune is captured and scrutinized on social media in true hilarity, especially when it comes to handshakes. The POTUS’ string of greeting mishaps is a frequently reported feature of his presidency and often gets given gif-treatment. Whether taken out of context or not, we welcome the comic relief!

The most recent of Donald’s greeting faux pas took place when he visited Warsaw, Poland, to meet Polish President Andrzej Duda and his wife, First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda. As is protocol when country leaders meet, there is a prime photo opportunity, yet this one was less than fortunate.

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The video clip of the greeting — which has since gone viral and can be seen below — shows the First Lady go to shake his hand before dramatically dodging him and shaking his wife First Lady Melania Trump’s hand instead.


The video in question has, of course, been circulating on Twitter, with users keen to see Donald get snubbed. Some users were quick to believe the incident was a kind of rebuke from the Polish First Lady.

While we are quick to laugh, the snubbing in question is taken out of context, and some people have been quick to point out that she did proceed to shake Donald’s hand enthusiastically.

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This isn’t the first time Donald’s awkward handshakes have become headline news. When meeting the French president Emmanuel Macron back in June, both leaders engaged in a seriously tense and prolonged handshake.

Another incident that earned its place in the media spotlight was when Melania seemed less-than-cheery at her husband’s inauguration.

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Although it was quickly refuted that Melania spent her husband’s entire inauguration miserable, she was soon given her own meme, Sad Melania. Twitter users picked up on every time Melania looked sad or was left behind by Donald.

Whether these incidences are a fair portrayal of the actual events that took place or not, they’re too funny!

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