She was nominated for Best Original Song at the Golden Globes for “Girl in the Movies” from the Netflix film Dumplin’, but Dolly Parton was surprisingly nowhere to be seen at the recent ceremony. “There’s family stuff going on, and her brother just passed away, Linda Perry, who co-wrote the tune with Dolly, 72, exclusively told Closer Weekly — in the magazine’s latest issue, on newsstands now! — of the star’s unexpected absence. “There’s some stuff going on health-wise with her family — that’s why she’s not here.” (Dolly’s youngest brother and frequent songwriting partner, Floyd Parton, died at 61 in December.)

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As for Dolly’s rarely-seen husband, Carl Dean, Linda reported that she’s spotted him… kind of. “I saw the sight of Carl in Dolly’s eyes when she talks about him, and he’s in her heart,” the rocker, who described Carl as “somebody that Dolly’s very deeply in love with,” told Closer. Linda, 53, felt a strong connection with Dolly as well. “We look so different, but creatively we’re soulmates,” she said.

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Dolly and Linda.

Even though they’re rarely seen together in public, Carl — who has been married to the singer for more than 50 years — has been the love of Dolly’s life since the moment they first laid eyes on each other. In a past interview, Dolly described her husband as “a home-loving person who don’t have any desire to be in show business.” She added that their marriage only works because she doesn’t “demand a lot from Carl, and he doesn’t demand a lot from me.”

“I think it’s healthy for us to spend time apart,” Dolly has shared. “And I don’t get jealous. It never crosses my mind. And if [Carl] does something, I never want to know.”

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Dolly has also gushed that she adores Carl’s “honesty” and “decency” and the way he lets her be who she is. “There’s no way in heaven’s name that I could ever leave Carl,” Dolly once said. “He’s just the funniest, wittiest guy in the world.”

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