Who is Carl Dean?

That’s what many Dolly Parton fans are wondering — 50 years later. The country star has been the wife of Carl since 1966, however, no one has ever seen a photo of the two throughout their longtime marriage.

Dolly says Carl is “a home-loving person who don’t have any desire to be in show business.” She adds, “I don’t demand a lot from Carl, and he doesn’t demand a lot from me.”

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Dolly in 1970, a few years after marrying Carl.

In fact, it’s their time apart and freedom that Dolly is crediting to their successful union, which turns 51 on May 30. “I think it’s healthy for us to spend time apart,” Dolly has previously shared. “And I don’t get jealous. It never crosses my mind. And if [Carl] does something, I never want to know.”

Regardless, the only thing the blonde beauty sees in her future is forever with Carl. “There’s no way in heaven’s name that I could ever leave Carl,” Dolly has said. “He’s just the funniest, wittiest guy in the world. She adds that she fell for “his honesty. His decency. The way he lets me be free.”

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In a previous exclusive interview with Closer Weekly, Dolly’s sister, Stella Parton, revealed that even though Carl stays out of the spotlight, he never lets the Partons down.

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Dolly and Stella.

“When it’s important stuff family-wise, he’s there — weddings, births, and funer­als. But he doesn’t care a thing about all the public stuff. It’s not his bag at all, and we respect that,” she revealed.

“He thinks of all that as fool­ishness. But he doesn’t say anything about us doing it because ‘That’s what the girls do.’ That’s the way he says it,” Stella revealed to Closer with a laugh. “They’re very unique, but they complement each other. They let each other be free to be the way they are.”

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The Dolly and Carl’s eyes, their relationship couldn’t be any more perfect after all these years. “Nobody could have brought out of me all the good things that he has and still have been willing or strong enough to tolerate the weaknesses,” Dolly confessed. Carl adds, “I
wouldn’t trade the last 50 years for nothing on this Earth.”

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