For some Hollywood stars, experiencing parenthood isn’t on their list of things to do in life. Linda Evans, however, always yearned to have kids, but despite her two previous marriages, the Dynasty alum held off from ever becoming a mom.

Linda, who starred as Krystal Carrington on the quintessential prime-time soap from 1981 to 1989, walked down the aisle with her first husband, John Derek, in 1968. While the former couple never had kids together, Linda was instrumental in terms of the Tarzan, the Ape Man actor’s relationship with his two children, Sean Catherine Derek and Russell Derek, from a previous romance.

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Derek’s daughter, Sean, recalled how Linda “literally introduced [them] to him and helped [them] have a relationship” with their father during an interview with the Los Angeles Times in 1985. “She may not have had her own kids, but she certainly wasn’t spared the ordeal of having his,” she shared, explaining that the sibling pair “didn’t know [their] father at all when he married Linda.”

In addition to helping save their bond, Sean remembered how Linda was always there for her ex-beau’s kids, especially after Russell was badly injured in a motorcycle crash and became a quadriplegic. “When that happened, I saw her be supportive right out of a Dynasty script,” Sean said, noting they still kept in touch with Linda following her divorce from the Bolero star. “I know it sounds corny, but she really believes in the good in the universe, and she always tries to do the good and right thing.”

After splitting with Derek in 1974, the Big Valley actress found love with Stan Herman just one year later. The two wed in 1975, and over the next four years, Linda juggled her Hollywood career and marriage. Once again, though, their relationship ended in divorce in 1979.

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Linda never made it back down the aisle, though she dated a fair share of men throughout the years, including George Santo Pietro, Dennis Stein, Richard Cohen and Yiannis Chryssomallis, according to reports. And while she never gave birth to children of her own, Linda said she always dreamed of becoming a mom.

In fact, the Tom Horn actress said she would’ve been willing to take a step back from her Hollywood work had she ever had the opportunity to have children. “That would be the most wonderful experience in the world,” she said in 1998, according to Deseret News. “If I had my choice between a career and being a housewife and mother, I’d choose the latter.”

While Linda wishes motherhood would’ve been in her cards, she has no qualms about her journey in life or the fact that she’s single in her 70s. “You know why? Because I am so happy,” she exclusively gushed to Closer Weekly in May 2021. “I never knew being alone could be so delightful. I’m rich because I have family and friends living all around me. We don’t have to have a man, to be happy — not that you couldn’t be with a man — but I’m just happy.”