Sportscaster Erin Andrews married former NHL star Jarret Stoll in 2017. Since then, the former Dancing With the Stars cohost has opened up about her desire to start a family with her husband. Keep scrolling to see everything Erin has said about her IVF journey so far. 

Does Erin Andrews Have Kids?

Erin met the athlete in 2012 while she was reporting on the World Series. They hit it off and dated for four years before getting engaged in December 2016. That year, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. The Fox Sports correspondent underwent multiple surgeries before doctors informed her that she was cancer-free. 

Does Erin Andrews Have Kids? IVF and Fertility Journey
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The following year, the couple walked down the aisle at a beautiful wedding in Montana. A few months after their wedding, Erin and Jarret adopted a puppy named Howard. The Maine native explained how taking care of the pup was preparation for having children in the future. 

“I’ve never had a kid before, so this is my first go at it,” she told People in August 2017. “So, I just wanted to make sure he’s OK and I’m not screwing him up. If I’m going to be a bit of a hypochondriac with my kid as I am with my dog — literally I go to the vet twice a week because I’m just so paranoid. I don’t want to screw this poor guy up. I know football, but I don’t know animals or kids!”

What Has Erin Andrews Said About Undergoing IVF?

In August 2021, Erin shared a candid post on her blog about undergoing IVF for the seventh time. She revealed that she started going through rounds of treatment at the age of 35. 

“I’m now 43, so my body is kind of stacked against me,” the former ESPN reporter wrote. “I have been trying to do IVF treatment for a while now, but sometimes it doesn’t go the way you want it. Your body just doesn’t allow it.”

In addition to sharing that she and Jarret were hoping to have kids, Erin explained the reason why she did not publicly open up about her fertility struggle sooner.

“Now that it’s my seventh time, something just hit me. Why am I keeping this such a secret when this is just a part of our lives?” she penned. “Instead of feeling ashamed, we need to give ourselves more love. It freaking sucks because it can seem like it’s such a lonely thing. There are so many of us going through this though, and it’s just not talked about.”

Two months after writing the heartfelt blog post, Erin gave her fans an update on her IVF journey. 

“It’s been a really, really rough journey for us,” she told Us Weekly in November 2021. “I’m sitting here with estrogen patches, so I’m sweating like a dog.”

By June 2023, Erin had a heartbreaking update about her IVF journey, sharing with The Messenger that her process has “sucked.”

“There’s so many women and men that go through this thing,” she said. “I mean, there’s a reason why these fertility clinics are packed. I don’t want to be the spokesperson for all this stuff. But I’m pretty honest and open about it. It sucks. It’s not the way you want to go about things. But if I can make people feel like they have a person to talk to and relate to, then I’ll carry that flag for them.”

She continued of both her and husband Jarret, “We’ve worked really hard to get where we are in our professional careers that failing at [IVF] has been very hard to swallow. I’m not saying things come easy. We’ve worked hard to be where we are. So, anytime you don’t have success, you’re like, ‘Wait, what? No, what are you talking about? Why is this not working out?'”