Need a project for this weekend? This homemade miniature golf course is sure to bring family fun for weeks to come! Check out ‘Home & Family’ star Matt Rogers’ DIY directions below.

diy friday miniature golf course

(Copyright 2015 Crown Media Family Networks/Photographer: Jeremy Lee)

Use the following instructions to create your own DIY miniature golf course!


  • Wood

  • Drill bit for golf hole

  • Astro turf

  • Wood glue

  • Screws


  1. Cut (or have cut at hardware store) a piece of 3/4″ thick plywood to 2′ x8′ as the golf game base

  2. Using 2″x2″ wood, cut to size as a frame around base. Glue and screw in place

  3. Use a drill to create the golf hole, the size bit is up to you, just make sure is big enough for ball. 4″ is about golf standard, 2″ makes the game more challenging. Drill hole about 10-12″ from one end of base

  4. Measure the space between your frame and cut a piece of outdoor grass mat to fit (aka AstroTurf)

  5. Staple gun (or glue) grass mat down (Heavy duty carpet tape would also work)

  6. Using utility knife cut out the hole around the predrilled golf ball hole. For obstacles we created angled bumpers from left over 2″x2″ trim, size up to you, ours were 11″. We also created fun ones cutting holes into the base of standard toy sand buckets

Watch Matt give a tutorial on how to make the homemade miniature golf course in the following video!

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