Looking good! Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran looks better than ever on the entrepreneurial reality show. How did she do it? Life & Style spoke exclusively with two plastic surgeons, neither of whom has treated Barbara, about possible procedures the real estate mogul has gone through.

“Barbara looks incredible! She looks like she’s aged in reverse. I suspect that she’s had a recent facelift, which has resulted in a sculpted and tight neckline and jawline,” Dr. Anthony Youn, board-certified plastic surgeon and author of Playing God: The Evolution of a Modern Surgeon, explained about the 71-year-old.

BARBARA CORCORAN Plastic Surgery Shark Tank Headshot
ABC/Andrew Eccles

“She also appears to have undergone injections of Botox to smooth the wrinkles of her forehead and Juvederm to subtly plump and fill her cheeks and her lips. Her skin also looks luminous, a possible result of micro-needling and laser treatments,” Dr. Youn divulged.

There’s no denying that the ABC star looks amazing. “Barbara is a glamorous woman who is looking better and better as the years pass. When comparing her look now with how she looked in 2013 or 2016, I see enormous improvement,” Dr. Alexander Rivkin, founder of Westside Aesthetics, echoed. He said that “make-up and lighting helps quite a bit,” but he added, “There is a good chance that she has had some conservative cosmetic surgery procedures, such as a neck lift and facelift.”

BARBARA CORCORAN Plastic Surgery Shark Tank
ABC/Christopher Willard

Dr. Rivkin also spoke on the youthful fullness that Barbara has these days. “Her face now looks volumized, with nicely restored contours in her cheekbones and very nice volume in the ‘apple’ of her cheek,” he continued. “This was probably accomplished with either fat transfer, collagen stimulators like Sculptra or fillers like Voluma. The benefit of collagen stimulators, like Sculptra or fat, is that injecting these help with the quality of the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.”

Dr. Rivkin added that Barbara could have tried a treatment of Profound, a micro-needle radiofrequency device that costs about $4,000 to $7,000 per session. “This is one of the more intense and effective skin tightening [and] smoothing devices on the market,” he explained. Another possible skin-smoothing procedure Dr. Rivkin mentioned was a series of Fraxel, a non-invasive laser treatment to help improve tone and texture, which costs about $1,000 per treatment.

One thing is for sure: Barbara is 71 and more fab than ever!