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Did Martha Stewart Get Plastic Surgery? See ​Age-Defying Selfies, Skincare Secrets 

In January 2023, Martha Stewart shared gorgeous selfies on Instagram and revealed the secret to her age-defying look. The TV personality candidly admitted whether she has ever had any plastic surgery procedures over the years. 

“Lying in the shampoo area of @FredericFekkai, the light was perfect for a new selfie!!! Absolutely no re-imaging!!!” she captioned a picture while getting her hair done. “Skin looking good after a mostly dry January and Pilates @bedfordpilates every other day. By re-imaging, I meant no filtering my selfie!”

Martha offered her followers a close-up of her skin, puckering her lips coated in a light pink shade of lipstick. Fans of the cookbook author were blown away by the photo in the comments section, prompting her to share a few more snaps from her day at the hair salon. 

“These are the other three selfies I took. My expression was better in the first one, but my skin looks great in all of them,” Martha captioned the carousel of photos. “Unfiltered. No face-lift. Great derms my whole life. Currently Dr. Daniel Belkin and Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali. Great diet. Great exercise and did I mention amazing facials @mariobadescu for the last forty years!”

While the podcast host shared that she has not had a face-lift, she did admit to getting Botox in the past. 

“I haven’t had facial surgery yet, but I did get Juvéderm filler after my dog bashed my lip and split it open,” Martha confessed during a March 2013 interview with Allure. “I tried Botox. It works for certain things, like for skin under the chin, but I don’t want a taut jawline and a quizzical look.”

Years later, Martha insisted she never went under the knife for any cosmetic procedures. 

“I have never had plastic surgery,” the Martha host told the New York Times in April 2022. “You can absolutely say that. No knife on my face, neck or back.”

When it comes to her everyday beauty routine, Martha’s approach is less is more, especially on days she is relaxing at home. 

“A touch of blush and then lips,” she said about her typical beauty regimen. “That’s not makeup. I consider that skincare.”

The television icon, who is a mom to daughter Alexis Stewart, shared a swimsuit selfie lounging by the pool in July 2020 that broke the internet. “You are gorgeous,” one fan commented on the snapshot, while another added, “You are absolutely stunning.”

Martha made history in May 2023 by becoming the oldest person to land a cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition at age 82. “I didn’t starve myself, but I didn’t eat any bread or pasta for a couple of months,” the domestic diva told People about how she got in tip-top shape for the photo shoot. “I went to Pilates every other day and that was great. I’m still going to Pilates every other day ’cause it’s so great. And I just, I live a clean life anyway — good diet and good exercise and healthy skincare and all of that stuff.” 

“I think all of us should think about good living, successfully living, and not aging. The whole aging thing is so boring. You know what I mean?” Martha revealed on NBC’s Today on May 15, 2023, during her cover unveiling.

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