Not only is Dick Van Dyke grateful that he got to star in the original Mary Poppins movie but he’s also so thankful that he got to make a cameo in the classic film’s 2018 sequel! At the 2019 Golden Globes on Sunday, Jan. 6, the 93-year-old actor gushed about appearing in Mary Poppins Returns and joked he lands his favorite roles about every five decades.

“I get a really good job every 50 years or so,” Dick hilariously said about his acting opportunities, according to People. “I didn’t get to come down a chimney, but the new movie is very, very good. Very different from the original Mary Poppins but times change in 50 years and so do I.”

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Dick explained that he wanted to act in Mary Poppins Returns because he has a great love for musicals. “The minute I heard I was going to do a little number, that sold me,” he said. “And I thought I could contribute by just being a little bit of a reminder of the original. And I think it turned out well. I got to jump up on a desk and do a dance number. It surprised everybody, but nobody was as surprised as I was. We did several takes of it, and I was just amazed. And I enjoyed it, of course.”

At first, Dick was a bit hesitant to star in the new Mary Poppins movie because he acknowledged that “almost traditionally sequels don’t work,” but when he heard that it was going to be a “homage to Walt and the original movie,” he was on board.

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“I was so impressed that their heart was in the right place. They wanted to pay respect to the original. And I was so tickled when they asked me because it was kind of like bookends for me,” he said. “I’m sure that if I’m remembered for anything it’ll be Mary Poppins!