No plastic surgery for Diane von Furstenberg!

In a new interview, the 67-year-old fashion designer revealed she would never undergo invasive cosmetic procedures to make her look younger because she is “afraid” of altering her features.

“The thing I’m afraid of is that I wouldn’t recognize myself and then I would become insecure,” she told ‘The Guardian.’

Although the creator of the iconic wrap dress admits she doesn’t love growing older, she said she would prefer to look her age rather than appear to be someone she is not.

diane von furstenberg 1977

Diane at age 31 in 1977.

“I don’t love aging but, you know, the alternative to aging — you don’t want that. Aging means living, right?,” she continued. “And if you live and you’re aged, it means you have a past and if you’re OK with your past and have lived it fully, then it’s OK.”

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Diane further credits finding self confidence in her younger years with helping her age gracefully.

“I don’t miss anything about being young. What does it mean, ‘Being young’? I am the way I am. The biggest advice I can give anyone is that the most important relationship you have is with yourself and then any other relationship is a plus, not a minus. Get to know yourself,” she said.