It appears if you replace beer with red wine in a game of beer-pong, things start to go haywire real fast!

At least that's what happened when Oscar winner Diane Keaton stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!

The host began by explaining the rules to the confused actress who had clearly never played the popular drinking game in her life.

"It's simple, if the ball lands in your cup, you chug the wine," Jimmy told the 68-year-old. "What happens in yours?" she replied.

"If it lands in mine, I'm going to chug the wine, as well," said the bemused comedian, to which Diane asked, "So you're gonna drink, too?"

The Something's Gotta Give star seemed eager to start downing booze, disregarding the rules completely to "make sure" she was actually getting wine instead of beer.

And when it was her turn to throw the first ping-pong ball, Diane chucked it straight at Jimmy instead of aiming for the plastic red cups.

"That was mean, that was vindictive," the 39-year-old yelled. "There was a lot of anger in there."

When Jimmy threw his first ball, the two-time author caught it in her hands before gleefully screaming, "I win! I caught it with my bare hand! You're a bad loser!"

At this point, it appeared the late night host had given up on explaining the rules to the star, and more balls ended up thrown at people than cups!

Watch the hilarity unfold below!