With “View” matriarch Barbara Walters set to retire in the summer of 2014, rumors have been circulating about the future of the long-running morning show, including who will be left to man the table.

Radar Online recently reported that Sherri Shepherd, who has been a co-host on the program since 2006, was “looking for new opportunities” and was “worried about her job” once Barbara left.

But a well-placed source tells Closer that the story about Sherri leaving is not new and confirms that she is “100% staying on the show.”

In response to rumors stating that Sherri is putting feelers out on other projects, the source, who is close to the program, says, “All of ‘The View’ co-hosts, both past and present have always had simultaneous projects outside of the show while they are still filming ‘The View.’”

As proof of the comedienne’s ability to multi-task, the insider shared that after filming the show in Disneyland this week, Sherri is doing stand-up in LA, plus she’s juggling a reoccurring role on “How I Met Your Mother,” a show on Nickelodeon, continued promotion for her book “Plan D: How to Lose Weight and Beat Diabetes,” and running her own wig line.

“There is nothing for anyone to worry about,” says the source.