Say it ain’t so! During a new interview, Desperate Housewives star James Denton opened up about a potential reboot of the hit drama and revealed a remake is sadly “unlikely” due to the “many personalities” of the show’s cast. “Based on the press and the stories you may have heard, it’s unlikely,” the 55-year-old actor began.

“I think there’s reason [to make a reboot], especially because [the series] didn’t really syndicate. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, [but] it’s not in reruns, so you haven’t been bombarded with reruns and I really do think it’s the kind of show that would lend itself to a [reboot]. I just don’t know if it’s possible — so many personalities, so many [people going their] different ways,” James told People.

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“But, I think it would be really fun — of course, [my character] is dead so I wouldn’t benefit from it. I think it would make sense, except for our ages, to start before the story started… like a prequel,” he continued. “Because we came from really interesting places in the beginning and I think that would be fascinating but it’s impossible to do with everybody looking 15 years older.”

In another recent interview, DH star Felicity Huffman agreed that the show — which ended in 2012 after an eight season run — likely won’t return to TV. “That well is dry, and I think [creator Marc Cherry] has told all of those stories and he’s on to other things,” she told Life & Style. Even if a Housewives revival was in the works, the woman who brought Lynette Scavo to life says she wouldn’t be part of it. “It’s a sweet memory,” Felicity said. “It’s going to be on my tombstone, and we’ll leave it at that.” When the show wrapped, Felicity saw it as time to move on. “[After] doing a long television show, people can only see you as that character, so I wanted to try something different,” she said.

Though Felicity isn’t on board for a reboot, her co-star Vanessa Williams is! “Sure, yea!” she exlusively told Closer Weekly back in 2017 when asked if she’d be interested in participating in a future reunion. “I sang at Eva Longoria‘s wedding last May. I saw Felicity, what was it, two years ago already at the Emmys? And Teri Hatcher came to my wedding!” she said, explaining that she’s still very close with the cast. “I haven’t seen Marcia [Cross], she’s the only one that I haven’t seen,” she added.

Although the Renee Perry actress would say yes and Eva has also expressed excited interest in filming again, it’s not just Felicity and James who are sadly saying no. “I would play Gaby again in a heartbeat,” Eva said in a 2017 interview with Closer Weekly. “Our showrunner doesn’t want to do it, the creator.” We’ll still keep our fingers crossed!