After being a record six-time Mirror Ball champion on the hit show Dancing With the Stars, Derek Hough revealed to Closer Weekly in a new exclusive interview that he would “never say never” if he were asked to return to the show as a judge.

“I love the show, but we’ll see,” Derek stated. “We’ll see what the future holds.” We assume it wouldn’t be an easy decision for the 33-year-old hunk as he is currently a judge on the world’s largest dance competition, World of Dance, alongside Jennifer Lopez and Ne-Yo.

The professional Latin and ballroom dancer even dished that making a return to DWTS with his sister, former DWTS judge Julianne Hough, would be something he wouldn’t say never to either. “I think it would be [fun]!” Derek gushed of him and Julianne judging together. “Who knows, but it’d be fun.”

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However, on Dec. 12, fanatics of the show were worried that we’d never see a star waltz across the stage again after ABC revealed their spring lineup and DWTS noticeably wasn’t on it. Though fans were in turmoil at the thought of the hit show never returning again, Derek said he wouldn’t worry about it. “You know what, I think it’s important to create an appetite,” the star said while insisting that it’s important to keep the fans on their toes and wanting more. “It’s two seasons a year for 14 years — it’s quite an accomplishment. I wouldn’t be too concerned.”

In fact, the Salt Lake City native said this isn’t the first time fans began worrying about the show, which made its debut in 2005, possibly coming to an end. “I’ll say this from just history. In the past, there were many times in the show when people were like, ‘Oh this is it, it’s over’ and then boom,” Derek explained about the show returning again after speculation it wouldn’t. “That’s the beauty of that show.”

When asked if he watched the past season of DWTS, Derek said he did catch some parts of the crazy season, but “didn’t watch it in its entirety.” He was even surprised to hear that Season 27 champions, professional dancer Sharna Burgess and her partner, Bobby Bones, were receiving criticism on their win — specifically radio host Bobby. “It’s funny that he’s getting backlash because there’s clearly a whole other side of people who are like, ‘don’t, because he won,'” Derek said of people bashing his victory.

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We assume Derek wasn’t able to indulge into the most recent season of DWTS considering the man of many talents always has his hands full. There are many things in the world that Derek is passionate about, but one of the most important causes the actor is a part of is the Future of Good.

U.S. Cellular is looking for 16 young leaders aged 15 and younger who have taken on a responsibility beyond their years to make the world a better place. “When I heard about this campaign, for me, it just embodies everything that I strive to be a part of and who I want to become,” Derek said of what it means to him to be involved in such an inspiring project. “For me, one of the greatest fulfillments is service, and giving back, and helping. Trying to be outside yourself and more with others, and less about me and more about we.” So sweet!

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