Demi Moore adores her enormous brood of dogs and spoils them rotten, but pals say it’s getting in the way of her love life as she routinely turns down dating offers to cuddle with her fur babies instead, a source tells Closer exclusively.

“Demi always says her dogs mean more to her than any people in her life, aside from her kids, and she doesn’t see a thing wrong with that. They bring her so much joy and comfort, and their love is so reliable and sincere. Unlike most people she meets who always end up having ulterior motives, all her dogs want is to be fed and loved,” and insider explains.

“It’s very comforting for her and a night in on the couch with all her fur-babies around her is almost always ten times better than a night out schmoozing at some Hollywood party,” the source says of Demi’s love of being at home with her pets.

Courtesy of Demi Moore/Instagram

However, the Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle star’s preference to be with her brood of dogs is affecting her love life.

“The worry for her friends is that she’s completely shutting off her chances at meeting any men because she’s turned down so many dates to stay home with her dogs. She always uses them as an excuse and seems perfectly happy to do so,” the insider reveals.

“Not only that but she totally lets them call the shots on who can and can’t be in her life. If a guy does manage to get invited over, he has to pass the sniff test with her dogs and if one of them doesn’t like him, he’s out,” the source continues. “She does the same thing with anyone new that she meets, whether it’s a friend or a love interest or even a potential employee, her dogs all get final approval, it’s so bizarre.”

The Striptease star’s favorite pet is her chihuahua Pilaf. She has brought the pooch on visits to talk shows, red carpets and movie premieres. On June 21, Demi held onto Pilaf while she attended Dior’s Menswear Spring/Summer 2025 show at Paris Fashion Week.

Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

Fans were divided when Demi posted a carousel of photos from the Dior show, many showing her holding Pilaf.

“That poor dog, it’s a pet not a toy! Idk think it’s fair carrying that dog all over the place! Not cool at all,” on person commented, while another asked, “What’s with the dog? Seriously?” A fan who noticed the G.I. Jane star is always seen holding the pooch begged, “Let the dog walk PLEASE!!!”

Others adored the bond between the two. “I love your dog very much. Wonderful,” one fan gushed, while another pointed out, “Lil Pilaf seen more front rows,” referring to the number of fashion shows she’s attended.

The pup was also along for the ride when Demi was photographed having lunch with Joe Jonas at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes, France, during the 2024 Cannes Film Festival in May.

Courtesy of Demi Moore/Instagram

The dog is so popular she has her own Instagram account, which Demi runs. It has 23,500 followers with the bio, “Pilaf, the little mouse. A lil girlie who goes with mommy everywhere @demimoore. ‘The bonsai tree of dogs.’”

Demi owns a total of nine dogs, which she showed off in a February 4 photo on Instagram. With Pilaf in front and the rest behind gathered on a large doggie bed. “Leader of the pack, patiently waiting for dinner time. After our whirlwind week in NY, there is nothing like being home with the FAMILY and a few friends!” she wrote in the caption.