When Rumer Willis won Dancing With the Stars’ coveted mirrorball trophy on May 19, viewers saw an ecstatic Demi Moore rush to the stage to share a warm hug with her daughter.

But the emotionally charged moment was so much more than a proud mom supporting her child — there was a time when the Hollywood A-lister and Rumer were barely speaking. In fact, “Demi’s three daughters had a lot of resentment toward her growing up,” an insider tells Closer. “They felt she was too concerned with her career and her own life to care about them.”

Demi and Rumer looking like twins in a picture that Rumer posted. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

It’s been a long road back to Rumer, 26, Scout, 23, and Tallulah, 21 (Demi’s daughters from her 13-year marriage to Bruce Willis), and she’s determined to keep things on track. After a string of hits in the 1990s, including Ghost, A Few Good Men and Indecent Proposal, Demi’s career took a downturn — and so did her personal life.Her union with Bruce, 60, ended in divorce in 2000; the collapse of her marriage to Ashton Kutcher, 15 years her junior, in 2011 amid reports of his cheating sent her on a downward spiral.

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After a frantic, late night 911 call from her home, hard-partying Demi, 52, landed in a Utah addiction center in 2012 – and her daughters responded by turning their backs on her. “The girls were so disappointed in their mom’s behavior after her separation from Ashton,” says the insider. “They wanted her to stop trying to be a teenager and grow up. They needed a mom.”

demi moore rumer and tallulah willis

Demi with Rumer and Tallulah in 2014.

Estranged from her own mother for years, Demi wasn’t going to let history repeat itself. “The 2012 incident was a real wake-up call,” says the insider. “A sober Demi realized how she’d been ignoring her girls, and she wanted to change. She went through therapy, gave up booze and partying and pleaded with her girls to give her one more chance.”

Now Demi practices Pilates and yoga to keep herself healthy, and slowly but surely, has found her way back to her girls.

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