She was a mega-star before she was even legally allowed to drink, but now that Debbie Gibson has had quite the career, she is looking back and revealing what exactly she would tell her younger self if she could.

“I would say to my younger self and myself now, ‘Stop worrying so much,’” the now 49-year-old told Fox News. “I saw a sign recently that said, ‘Not to ruin the ending, but it’s all going to be OK.’ And I think that’s so profound for everybody, showbiz or non-showbiz. I think that we spend so much time trying to shape our future and working our will, and worrying. That usually doesn’t make anything better in life. It doesn’t make me sing better. It doesn’t make me feel better. I would tell my younger self that, and to really savor every moment.”

At only 16, Debbie wrote her huge hit “Only In My Dreams.” She eventually went on to sell more than 16 million albums worldwide. She also went on to star in 17 musicals when she turned her attention to stage acting.

Debbie Gibson
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“I think that I was very caught up in a whirlwind when I was younger,” the songwriter told the outlet. “Listen, I was transitioning from high school to college-age while the world was watching. I didn’t go to college. I was just out. It was by choice, but I think psychologically it made me short circuit a lot.”

“I missed a lot of the finer nuances of the things that were going on,” Debbie continued. “I’m very grateful that I now get that, and I am experiencing things … I would definitely tell my younger self to go back and really savor every moment.”

Debbie Gibson

Today, Debbie is currently starring as a judge on Nickelodeon’s singing competition series America’s Most Musical Family. On the personal side of things, the hitmaker has also been battling Lyme disease since 2013. “I don’t let it define who I am — or keep me down for long,” she once exclusively revealed to Closer Weekly. “I continue to live my life to the fullest.”

Debbie is truly an inspiring figure!