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Dean McDermott

Getty Images; Courtesy of Dean McDermott/Instagram

Dean McDermott Keeping ‘Spirits Up’ After Being Hospitalized for ‘Pneumonia’ or ‘Possibly Meningitis’

He may have been hospitalized over the weekend, but Dean McDermott is keeping his “spirits up.” On Monday, July 1, the reality star revealed on Instagram that he hasn’t been feeling too good lately. After starting to really struggle, he decided to check himself into the hospital on Sunday, June 30. Despite being seriously sick, though, he’s managing to stay positive — and, of course, plug his podcast, Daddy Issues.

“So this happened last night,” Dean, 52, posted on the social media site, flashing the camera a thumbs up in a selfie. “I got admitted to [the] hospital with pneumonia, possibly meningitis. I’ve never been so sick in my life!!!! Thumbs up and spirits up, though. And don’t forget to listen to @daddyissuesshow this morning at 9 a.m. @theperezhilton is our guest. #sickasadog #aintnothang #thistoshallpass #blipontheradar.”

Look like he’s hanging in there just fine! And he’s getting plenty of love. Perez Hilton, who’s featured on this week’s episode of Daddy Issues, commented, “Thanks for having me on! Feel better!!”

The podcaster’s cohost Nicky Paris also sent some well wishes his way. “Dean!!!!! I hope you feel OK, ❤️❤️❤️❤️” he added on the post. In an Instagram Story, he continued, “Sending love to my buddy.” Chatting with Radar, Nicky revealed, “We spoke to Dean within the hour, and he let us know his fever broke but he is waiting for doctor. We are going to see him today.”

He also had a playful threat for his buddy, courtesy of himself and Dean’s wife, Tori Spelling: “Get better ASAP, or Tori and I are going to show up at the hospital and channel Nurse Jackie.” Wouldn’t want that! For now, Tori’s still in Vancouver, Canada, while Dean is recuperating closer to home.

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I’m so BUMMED!!! I’ve been laid out for 2 days because I threw my back out. Now I got hit with a fever of 102. I feel like a big pile o 💩!!! How’d I throw my back out you ask?? Bending over to pick up a towel to DRY MY FACE!!! Epic fail!! How’d I get the 102 fever?? Courtesy of Finn McDermott. Needless to say it ruined the family’s plans to fly to Vancouver today to see @torispelling & @stylishslimebystella I tell ya, I’m going to be one ornery elderly person. I get really pissed off when I can’t do things and move the way I want. And I’m already ornery as it is!! What’s the lamest way you’ve injured yourself?? Please share. I need a laugh. #sick #backsout #injury #fever #grumpy #crustyoldman #ornery #blah #ivethrownmybackoutandicantgetup

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On Saturday, June 29, he revealed that his fever had prevented him and the rest of the family from flying out to meet his wife and daughter Stella. “I’m so BUMMED!!! I’ve been laid out for 2 days because I threw my back out. Now I got hit with a fever of 102,” he shared on Instagram. “Needless to say it ruined the family’s plans to fly to Vancouver today.”

Hopefully, the fam will reunite soon — and we bet Dean will be on the mend in no time.


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