While Bill Murray has worked with talented people and has been a part of memorable films, his proudest career moment doesn’t exactly have anything to do with any of his movies — so what is it?

“Well, I’ve had some pretty good ones. Lets see … Well I got to sing at Carnegie Hall in the Rain Forest, a charity thing a few years ago,” the 68-year-old exclusively told Closer Weekly at The Dead Don’t Die premiere in New York City. “I got to sing with The Sinatra Band, which was the Duke Ellington Band, and I sort of improvised my own way of “My Way,” and I really enjoyed it very much. It’s very terrifying — Carnegie Hall is really scary. But I overcame it, I persevered.”

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The actor is known for plenty of iconic movies, but if there is one that perhaps tops them all it is 1993’s Groundhog Day — which is all about a man living the same day over and over again. However, when it comes to the real world, there is one moment that the comedian would love to continue to relive.

“The 2016 Cubs World Series. … And if I got a chance to do that again, I was out on the field with Eddie Veteran. We were standing right next to the Most Valuable Player, Chevrolet Camaro or whatever the heck it was out on the field and it was running,” Bill recalled. “And I looked at him and he looked at me and I said, ‘should we?’ We really wanted to jump in and just drive around the outfield. We knew they’d hate us in Cleveland, but I would like one more chance at that and I would drive it! Very slowly, very slowly. I wouldn’t rip off any turf or anything like that, I would just … if I had that chance again, I would take it.”

Bill Murray
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The Saturday Night Live alum will be adding to his career highlights when he appears in Zombieland: Double Tap in October 2019. There is also a chance he shows up in the 2020 version of Ghostbusters.

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