David Justice is setting the record straight on his past marriage to Halle Berry.

In a revealing new interview, the 49-year-old former pro baseball player opened up about rumors he previously abused his ex-wife Halle, also 49, during their five-year union from 1992 to 1997.

“Over the past 20 years, I’ve heard people saying, ‘Isn’t that the dude who hit Halle Berry in the head?'” he told People. “[I am] not the person who hit her on her head and caused her hearing loss. Not only did [I] not do that, [I] never hit her, period.”

david justice and halle berry

Halle and David in January 1996.

Halle — who announced she is divorcing her third husband, Olivier Martinez, just last month — previously revealed one of her exes hit her so had she suffered permanent hearing loss in her left ear. Though the actress never explicitly named her alleged abuser, many believed it to be David because of the 1997 retraining order Halle filed against him after their messy split.

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“For so many years, there has been this cloud upon the guys who were associated with Halle back then,” David said. “Halle has said that she was in abusive relationships but she didn’t name who the abuser was, so for many years I know a lot of people thought it was me.”

david justice family

David with his wife, Rebecca, and his three children.

As for why he hasn’t tried to clear his name in the past, David said, “I thought I was taking the high road, and as a result a lot of stuff was said about me, and because I didn’t saying anything back, a lot of people thought it must’ve been true.”

Today, David is happily married to Rebecca Villalobos, with whom he has two children, Dionisio, 13, and Raquel, 11. The sports star is also a dad to a 15-year-old son, David Jr., from his previous relationship with Nicole Foster.