After he was cast as doting uncle Joey Gladstone in the family sitcom Full House, Dave Coulier decided to start a family of his own! The comedian is a dad to one child, Luc Coulier, whom he welcomed during his marriage to his first wife, Jayne Modean. Keep scrolling to meet his son. 

Who Is Dave Coulier’s Son, Luc Coulier? 

Dave kickstarted his acting career by providing voices for characters on animated shows like The Jetsons and Muppet Babies. In 1987, the Michigan native made his Full House debut, a role that helped him cement his status as one of Hollywood’s leading funnymen. In 1990, he married Jayne and the pair welcomed Luc that same year. 

Dave Coulier Kids: Son Luc Coulier, Job, Marriage Details 
Courtesy of Dave Coulier/Instagram

Dave and Jayne divorced in 1992. In 2005, the sitcom star met Melissa Bring during a trip to Montana. The pair dated for nine years before tying the knot in 2014. Since their union, Dave’s Instagram has been flooded with love for both his beautiful wife and his son. In June 2019, the voiceover actor shared a sweet sentiment about being a dad on Instagram. 

“I’ve had no greater joy in life than to be this young man’s father,” Dave wrote alongside a father-son photo. “He has made me so proud, and I love him to the ends of the Earth.”

In addition to sharing a mutual love for hockey and golfing with his son, the pair are also both full of ambition. In May 2016, Dave posted a photo with his son on Instagram, revealing that the youngster became a SkyWest Airlines pilot. The Bob & Doug alum wrote he was “so proud” of Luc for starting a new chapter in his life. In June 2018, Dave shared on social media that Luc was promoted to captain. 

As for his personal life, Luc got engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Alex Cochran, in March 2020. The couple got married in May 2021 in a beautiful ceremony attended by both Dave and Melissa. The doting dad could not be happier about everything his son has accomplished over the years. 

“So proud of our son, Luc, who turns 30 this week,” Dave wrote on Instagram back in November 2020. “He’s always been surrounded with a love for aviation. I used to watch airplanes with him at Santa Monica Airport and took him for his first flight when he was just a toddler. Now he’s living his dream as a pilot.”