The wedding Lisa Wilson had planned with fiancé Robert Pantoja was scraped at the last minute to accommodate one very special person: her dad David.

During the final days of his battle with a rare cancer, Lisa moved the ceremony to her father's bedside at UCI Medical Center in Orange, Calif. "No, it's not a bride's dream," she admitted to CBS2, but it allowed him to witness her special day.

Immediately after kissing her groom, Lisa turned to David for the customary father-daughter dance. Although he couldn't stand up, she didn't need him to. "I want to dance with your hands," she explained.

Swaying to Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You," the pair's special moment was captured in the below video. David passed away shortly after on Sept. 2.

It may not have been Lisa's dream wedding, but as the caption on the video notes, it was "the best gift a daughter could give." And David was quick to remind his son-in-law before his death, "You won the lottery; you got my baby girl."

Watch their last dance below: