One tough mama! Daphne Oz made it clear that she isn’t too concerned with the status of her post-baby body. After completing her second workout since welcoming her fourth child this past August, the beloved daughter of Dr. Oz opened up on social media about the reason she’s not in a rush to bounce back to her pre-baby weight.

“Everyone starts somewhere,” the 33-year-old wrote on Instagram alongside the hashtag, “10 weeks postpartum,” as well as a picture of her wearing a green, athletic bra and matching leggings. “Just got sweaty and it felt so GOOD!! Only my second real workout since having Gigi.”

Along with the candid photo she shared on Monday, November 4, Daphne explained why she’s just now getting back into her fitness routine. “I’m not in a rush, I just want to start to feel my core again and strength in my skin,” she continued in her Instagram post. “Consistency and baby steps get it done.”

Fans of the Relish author — who welcomed her fourth child, daughter Giovanna Ines Jovanovic, with husband John Jovanovic on August 14 — commended Daphne for being so honest about her journey through pregnancy and parenthood. “Thank you for this post and for continuing to be open. You got this!” one fan wrote, while another echoed, “Thanks for keeping it real. You are beautiful.” A third fan chimed in, gushing, “You are so inspiring!”

This isn’t the first time the former host of The Chew — who is also the mom of daughters Philomena, 5, and Domenica, 1, as well as son Jovan, 4 — has brought awareness to body positivity. While chatting with Glamour in September 2014, Daphne, who was just a mom of one at the time, recalled how the outlook on her weight changed after giving birth for the first time.

Instagram/Daphne Oz

“Becoming pregnant was one of the first moments where I felt no body-consciousness whatsoever. I felt incredibly powerful, like a goddess,” she shared with the outlet. “Then you give birth and you [have a] warped perception … you’re suddenly like, ‘OK great, I’ll go back to my pre-baby body,’ and that does not happen.”

Luckily, however, Daphne was able to accept and appreciate her body so much more after giving birth to her eldest child. “It’s a lot harder to lose now, and, more importantly than that, it’s not my number one priority,” she said of shedding weight. “I’m thinking about my daughter all the time, and that’s what’s kind of interesting, as a mom coming back to work, you make trade-offs.”

Daphne is such an amazing mother and woman!