She's looking great! Just three months postpartum, Daphne Oz isn't afraid to show off her post-baby body on Instagram. The mom-of-three welcomed baby Domenica back in December 2017, and she's been gradually working on losing the baby weight in a healthy fashion. Check out the video above to see Daphne's cute post-baby mirror selfie!

The pic comes with some exciting news as well. The television personality announced in her caption that she's currently working on a new cookbook. "FRESH START. I'm working on my next cookbook (!!!) and it's got me thinking about the way I want to eat long term. The way I want to celebrate with food and still celebrate my body at the same time," the 32-year-old wrote. "Right now, I'm three months postpartum and ready to go back to slow carb living as a way to reach a healthy weight and a good headspace. It's crazy how a few strict but simple rules can help break bad eating habits so quickly. #fitness #mama #baby #babyweight #cooking #slowcarb #weightlossjourney."

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The proud mama has always been open about her weight-loss journey following the births of her three babies. Unlike some celebs, Daphne has kept it real when it comes to her post-baby body. Back in January, Daphne took to Instagram to share an inspiring postpartum update and was praised for her words. "Seven weeks postpartum, still looking three months pregnant. There is no bounce-back, it’s all onwards and upwards," she said at the time.

"Every day has moments of total splendor and also a decent number of WTFs. I especially want the new mamas out there to hear that, because we see so much of how glossy motherhood can be and not enough of how real 3D life is always complicated (and better for it)," she continued in the pic's caption. "You’re experience will be just right for you. prepare to be amazed by some things and horrified by others. Motherhood is as complex and wonderful as the woman." So true, Daphne!