In a new PSA rolled out by the White House, some of Hollywood's biggest male stars are joining the fight against sexual assault.

Actors Daniel Craig, Steve Carrell, Benicio del Toro, Seth Meyers and Dulé Hill, along with the president and vice president, appear in support of the Obama administration's 1 is 2 Many campaign, which aims to eliminate sexual violence, specifically against young women.

Before introducing the PSA, Vice President Joe Biden made a speech about the White House's current efforts and introduced new guidelines for college campuses to help curb sexual assaults.

"College and Universities can no longer turn a blind eye and pretend rape and sexual assault doesn't occur on their campuses," the VP, who worked extensively on the Violence Against Women Act in the '90s, said to the crowd assembled.

“No man has a right ever to raise his hand to a women, period. It is assault if they do," he continued.

Biden said he had no problem getting big names involved with the project.

"I'm not used to making calls to big old movie stars," he joked. "But I called them. And every one of them said immediately, 'What can I do?'"

Watch the powerful PSA below: