Can you believe it’s been over four decades since The Wonder Years first premiered on ABC? Well, neither can actress Danica McKeller. As she reflected on her years playing the beloved role of Winnie Cooper, Danica revealed a mindblowing fact about the iconic TV show.

“Ok this is wild: The Wonder Years aired 1988 to 1993 and depicted the time period 20 years prior: 1968 to 1972 — the moon landing, Vietnam war, flower children, etc.,” the 45-year-old wrote in an Instagram post on Thursday, January 9. “In 1988, those topics that felt like a very long time ago … but if The Wonder Years premiered today, it would depict the years 2000 to 2005.”

The Wonder Years - 1988

After processing the information, Danica was speechless. “Wait, what??” she continued. “So I guess we’d be depicting things like 9/11, Facebook and Hurricane Katrina. I’m trying very hard not to have this make me feel ‘old,’ but rather have it astonish me with how lengths of time feel so drastically shorter as we get older,” she hilariously admitted. “Okay, maybe that’s the same thing.”

The Crown for Christmas actress concluded her post after sharing the astonishing fun fact that proved time is going by way too fast. “Well, how’s that for a #TBT? Crazy, right??” she marveled. “Happy Thursday, everyone!”

Fans of the brunette beauty couldn’t wrap their minds around Danica’s realization. “Time passes but you will always be Winnie,” one fan wrote in the comments section, while another echoed, “I truly can’t believe it’s been that long ago. I agree with you, as we get older, it seems that time goes by so much faster.” A third fan chimed in, adding, “Wow … different perspective for sure.”

The 2012 Crystal and Lucy Awards, Los Angeles, America - 12 Jun 2012

It’s no surprise that The Wonder Years has continued to be one of TV’s most celebrated shows. While attending an event in February 2019, Danica opened up to Closer Weekly about the incredible opportunity of being cast as the lead role in The Wonder Years.

“It was a really great experience,” the How I Met Your Mother actress — who is married to husband Scott Sveslosky and shares son Draco, 9, with ex-husband Mike Verta — exclusively gushed to Closer Weekly. “It’s funny, I didn’t have any perspective on what my character was when I was doing it because I was so focused on school and my parents always emphasized education and health and family above Hollywood, which is why I never went to Hollywood parties or did any of that crazy stuff.”

We wonder if Danica would be down for a reboot of The Wonder Years!