TV star Danica McKellar made her acting debut in The Twilight Zone in 1985 and has been on a roll since then! For more than three decades, she’s given her all in films, television series and philanthropic work with a well-earned net worth. Keep scrolling to see how much money the actress makes. 

What Is Danica McKellar’s Net Worth?

Danica has an estimated net worth of $6 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The California native shot to fame as a teen, scoring the role of Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years in 1988. She appeared on the ABC series for all six of its seasons before it came to an end in 1993. 

After making a few Lifetime film appearances and cameos on other television series, Danica landed a recurring role on The West Wing from 2002 to 2003. She also did some voice work in the animated show Static Shock from 2000 to 2004. The Dancing With the Stars alum worked on Inspector Mom, Generator Rex and Transformers: Rescue Bots before finding a home on Hallmark. 

Danica McKellar Net Worth: How Much Money the Actress Makes 
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Danica has appeared in more than a dozen Hallmark films since 2015, including Perfect Match, Crown for Christmas and Wedding Bells. In October 2021, she announced she was leaving the network to join GAC Family. 

“Part of it was because I had the opportunity to do a multi-picture deal, which I hadn’t done at Hallmark, and also not just multi-picture, but also really being a producer, really helping to develop these stories from the beginning,” the Sidekicks actress told Us Weekly in July 2022 about her decision. “And that’s really exciting for me as a storyteller. I love that.”

Her first film on GAC Family, The Winter Palace, aired in January 2022. 

How Else Does Danica McKellar Make Money Aside From Acting? 

On top of her acting work, the University of California graduate is a mathematics writer. Danica has written multiple books on the subject, aiming to inspire the next generation of students and make math fun. The New York Times bestselling author has always used math as a way to bond with her son, Draco, whom she shares with her ex-husband, Mike Verta

“We’re working on some things. He knows his colors and his shapes. He still gets seven when he counts the toes on one foot — he really likes seven right now!” she told People back in 2012. “He likes it when I recite Pi. And I’m trying to teach him the quadratic formula, he hasn’t quite gotten it yet. It’s sung to the tune of ‘Pop Goes the Weasel.’”

The Domino Masters judge married her second husband, attorney Scott Sveslosky, in 2014. One thing Danica values above all is making memories with her hubby and her son. 

“I love inspiring people with my math books, I love providing quality entertainment with my Hallmark Channel movies — I love all that,” she told Closer in April 2019. “But spending time with my little guy is just so precious. There’s no contest, and I’m really grateful.”