Get to Know the Characters From the Korean Version of ‘Criminal Minds’

Americans aren’t the only ones wondering whether or not Criminal Minds will be canceled or renewed. One would imagine that the same thing is going on with the South Korea version of the show, which premiered on July 26, 2017, and ran until September 28 of the same year, with 20 episodes in all being produced. Using scripts from the US version of the series (starting with the third season), instead of the FBI, it follows a team from the National Criminal Investigation (NCI), which, for those wondering, is actually a fictional crime-fighting unit in Korea.

criminal minds korean

Things kick off a year after several members of S.W.A.T. are killed by an explosion set off at a hospital. This does a number on the self-confidence of NCI leader Kang Ki-hyung, who forces himself to take an extended leave. But once he does return, he and his team find themselves drawn into an uneasy alliance with the Violent Crimes Unit of the local police to try and solve a serial murder case.

What follows is a guide to who’s who on the Korean version of show, and who their American counterparts are.