Craig Melvin called out Carson Daly for zooming out of the Today studio after each episode. During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on Wednesday, June 19, the broadcaster spilled some bombshells about his castmates of the long-running talk show.

“Who is out of there the fastest when the show is off the air?” Andy Cohen asked Craig, 45.

Craig did not hesitate for even a second before naming Carson as the person who leaves immediately after each episode. “C Daly, baby,” he practically screamed.

Andy, 56, was rather shocked by the answer, leading Craig to elaborate a bit more.

“Oh dude, taking off the mic and the IFB at 8:35 sometimes. Well, ‘cause I mean, he’s got like 17 kids.” Craig joked. “Yeah, he does,” Andy agreed.

Carson, 50, shares kids Jackson, Etta, London and Goldie with his wife, Siri Daly. The couple live in a stunning Long Island home with their children.

In addition to his job as a host on Today and his role as a dad of four, Carson has also been hosting NBC’s The Voice since the show’s very first season in 2011. He also hosts the weekly top 30 music countdown on the radio called The Daly Download With Carson Daly. Needless to say, he’s a pretty busy guy!

Just ahead of Craig’s confession, the Today cast celebrated Father’s Day by having a sit down conversation about fatherhood and shared some of the best advice they’ve learned.

“When your wrist hurts or you hurt your leg at school, you go to a doctor. Same thing with your brain. If something’s not right, you can go to a doctor,” Carson said during the segment. “It’s OK to ask for help. Cycles can be broken. These are the larger lessons of life that I love teaching as a father.”

Craig Melvin Says Carson Daly Leaves Today Studio the 'Fastest'
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Craig, who shares kids Delano and Sybil with wife Lindsay Czarniak, also opened up about fatherhood and a recent milestone that his daughter had.

“I was in Sybil’s class last week for one of the 12 end-of-year celebrations that they have,” Craig said, explaining that he got choked up when Sybil, 7, handed him her certificate and memory book. “She looks up at me. She’s like, ‘Dad, are you crying again?’ They probably see me cry as much as they see my wife cry.”

Al Roker, whom Craig is very close to, chimed in to comfort his colleagues during the emotional moment.

“It’s a great redefinition of what masculinity is,” Al, 69, explained to his cohosts. “The first time I saw my dad cry was when he and my mother lost a child. And I was about 7 years old. I was still too young to understand what that loss was.”

“I’d seen him cry many times after from pride, from joy, from sorrow. And that informed me of what it was like. That it’s OK,” the meteorologist added. “He was very old school, very tough, you know, disciplinarian. Yet he was the mush ball, you know, very, very, very emotional, big kisser, big hugger.”