At age 54, Courteney Cox looks fabulous! The mom-of-one apparently keeps herself looking extremely fit by kickboxing at the gym and eating a very clean diet.

“She’s doing these punishing, no pain, no gain MMA workouts that push her to her absolute limit,” a source recently told Life & Style Weekly. “They get her the kind of results she never imagined possible at her age. It’s not even about looking good for roles or for men or anything like that — Courteney is obsessed with being strong and in fighting shape when she’s in her 60s and she’s laying the groundwork for that now.”

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Courteney apparently likes to kickbox instead of doing something like yoga because it’s the perfect way to keep herself as active as possible. “Instead of low impact workouts like yoga and Pilates, she’s focusing on learning this completely new set of skills. When you push yourself this hard, there’s always a chance you can get hurt, but that’s a risk she’s willing to take for the perfect body,” the insider shared.

Her workout regimen has also helped her become stronger and more determined to live a healthier lifestyle. “She’s exercising every single day and learning how to punch, kick and fight her way to fitness,” the source said.

Courteney Cox
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In a previous interview with People, the star also opened up about her beauty regimen and revealed she doesn’t like to use facial fillers anymore because they didn’t help her with her confidence. “I kind of own everything. And the things that I am not as comfortable with myself, they’re things that I continue to work on to grow and change,” Courteney said about loving herself. “I am, [I] think I am at a stage of my life where it’s very easy to be comfortable with who I am and who I’ve become and who I strive to be.”