She may have been left out of the Season 28 cast of Dancing With the Stars, but Sharna Burgess isn’t too caught up the drama. While chatting with ET prior to the show’s premiere on Monday, September 16, the Australian dance pro — who wasn’t asked back for the upcoming season after taking home first place last fall — wanted fans to know that she has no hard feelings.

“There is no animosity from me. There’s no shade,” the 34-year-old beauty revealed to the outlet. “There’s definitely sadness, yes, but that’s normal. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was sad. It would be terrible if I wasn’t sad actually.”

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Sharna, who first revealed she won’t be returning to season 28 of the series in late August, even dished that she wouldn’t be against returning to the show in the future. “I would love to and I certainly wouldn’t say no to it either,” she explained. “If it lines up for me and I can, I would love to go do a little performance for them or choreograph an opening number. I’m down to do all the things.”

Even though Sharna isn’t sweating the small stuff, the ballroom dancer confessed that being cut is still difficult to deal with. “Nobody is saying it’s not going to be hard. You know, even walking into CBS Studios [where DWTS films] and driving into the lot, there is a loss there because it’s been a part of my life for so long,” she said. “But I can’t be selfish about that and I can’t wallow in that. I can only look at what this show has given me for the last eight and a half years. It’s given me a life I never could’ve imagined.”

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The red-haired bombshell — who has been paired with celebrity contestants including Nick Carter, Antonio Brown and many others in the past — gushed that having a partner and building a bond is something that she’ll miss most.

“Beyond missing my peers and everybody around me and us being in that space together I will miss that journey of getting to know the soul inside of the human in front of me, what they need, what they need from me, what kind of coach they need me to be and how I can take parts of their story and turn it into something inspirational for other people to witness and watch,” she explained.

Although we’re going to miss Sharna, we hope to see her on the DWTS roster in the future!