Luckily for Corinne Foxx, the aspiring model and actress can go right to dad Jamie Foxx if she has any questions on how to break out in showbiz. While hanging out at American Eagle’s Skate The Yard Fall ’19 Preview Event on Monday, July 15, the 25-year-old beauty dished the best advice she’s ever gotten from her famous father.

“He gives me so much advice but I think a big one that he gives me for [my] career is to never take yourself too seriously,” Corinne happily shared with Closer Weekly in an exclusive, new interview. “I think this business is really harsh, there’s a lot of rejection, there’s a lot of disappointment and I think he always likes to come back to it and say, ‘This is such an incredible job we get to do, let’s just not take it too seriously. Let’s have fun, let’s be authentic and passionate.'”

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Besides appearing on her dad’s interactive game show, Beat Shazam, the gorgeous brunette also picked up her first starring role in 47 Meters Down: Uncaged. She will be playing the character of Sasha in the thriller that is expected to hit theaters on August 16. 

Corinne dished that while she’s learned tons of lessons from dad Jamie, she explained that his outlook on life has inspired her the most. “To go back to how youthful my dad is, I think I’ve learned a lot watching how he interacts with the world and how he wants to see young in a really positive healthy way,” she gushed to Closer. “I think he just wants to be fit and mentally fit, and I just want to stay youthful and not grow up too fast.” Relatable!

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The University of Southern California alum even added that her dad’s youth and humor make him super fun to work with. “He’s like a big kid, so when you see him on stage or you see him on TV and you think, ‘Oh wow he has so much energy, but he probably goes home and he’s not like that,'” she said. “You’re wrong — he’s exactly like that. He has so much energy, he’s so fun and it’s nice to hang around my dad.”

Now that Corinne is older, being able to work with the Django Unchained star is extra convenient thanks to their extremely close bond. “He’s just like so fun and wants to have a good time,” she gushed. “I feel like I’m at an age now that I can appreciate how youthful he is and I can still do cool things with him, so I really actually like being this age.”

We are so happy Jamie and Corinne have the best daddy-daughter relationship!

Reporting by Diana Cooper

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