In the late 1950s, Connie Francis got her big break on the music scene with her cover of “Who’s Sorry Now?” The top-selling song led to a career full of incredible successes in the midst of heartache. The New Jersey native was married four times throughout her career but revealed that her greatest love was her late boyfriend, Bobby Darin

Connie met Bobby early on in her career and quickly formed a special connection. The “Many Tears Ago” singer and the “Splish Splash” crooner’s relationship was not approved by Connie’s father. Their romance came to an end soon after and Bobby went on to marry Sandra Dee in 1960. The songwriter died in 1973, but Connie made it clear that he has remained on her mind after all of these years.

“Bobby had everything: charisma, talent, he was brilliant. He had the greatest sense of humor in the world,” Connie told Closer in March 2022. “I never felt quite the same about anyone the way I still feel about Bobby to this day.” 

Despite the heartbreak she faced when her plans to elope with Bobby never came to fruition, Connie found love four other times in her life. 

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Who Was Connie’s First Husband Dick Kanellis? 

The Where the Boys Are actress wed her first husband, Dick Kanellis, in 1964. The pair had dated for a year before tying the knot. Dick was a public relations agent of several hotels in Las Vegas. Their marriage only lasted three months before ending in divorce. The businessman died in 1973 after battling cancer. 

Who Was Connie’s Second Husband Izzy Marion?

Connie married her second husband, Izzy Marion, in 1971. Her marriage to the hair salon owner was short-lived, ending after 10 months. Much like Connie, Izzy had also been married once before and had two children from his previous relationship. The “Love Is Me, Love Is You” singer explained the reasoning behind their split in an October 1971 interview with the Courier-Post. 

“We tried to make a home for Izzy’s two children by his previous marriage,” she said. “I gave up my career for the past eight months while we lived in New Jersey. There was just a clash of personalities.” 

Connie Francis’ Ex-Husbands: Details About Her Marriage History
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Who Was Connie’s Third Husband Joseph Garzilli? 

The pop icon married her third husband, Joseph Garzilli, in 1973. The pair were married for five years before calling it quits in 1978. During their marriage, they adopted one son, Joseph Garzilli Jr. 

Who Was Connie’s Fourth Husband Bob Parkinson?

Connie took time away from the spotlight to grieve after her brother, George Franconero Jr., was murdered in 1981. She later wrote her autobiography, Who’s Sorry Now?, in 1984 where she opened up about all of the devastation she has faced in her life. One year later, the songstress married her fourth husband, Bob Parkinson in 1985. Bob worked as a TV producer with two IMDb credits from the early ‘80s in Richard Pryor… Here and Now and​​I Challenge You. The couple were married for 81 days before their relationship headed towards a divorce. 

“I could pick hit records, but not hit husbands,” Connie shared on her official website. “It’s like when you play poker: If you know you have a losing hand, you simply fold.”