Is Connie Britton already making a return to Nashville?

Just last week, the 49-year-old actress’ fan-favorite character Rayna Jaymes was sadly killed off the popular show — and now she’s saying that she may not be gone for good.

During Connie’s appearance on The Late Show on Monday, Feb. 27, host Stephen Colbert joked that Rayna could come back to the series as an evil twin or zombie — and she didn’t turn down his suggestions!

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Connie as Rayna on Season 3 of Nashville.

“I think these are great ideas actually. You’re so smart!” she laughed. “What if the long-lost twin sister comes back? Oh, and she’s such a devil. She’s such a devil, she’ll come back and be horrible.”

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Shortly after, the former Friday Night Lights star confirmed that Rayna is 100 percent dead, but didn’t rule out the possibility of her return. “She’s really dead. I’m sorry, but I gotta tell it like it is. She’s really dead. But, I think the twin sister idea is not bad. I mean, it’s Nashville, anything could happen,” Connie said.

After her dramatic death episode on Friday, Feb. 24, Connie opened up about her choice to leave the popular drama. “It was something that had been percolating over time, and there were lots of different reasons behind it. But my priority was really making sure that the timing was right. My priority has always been Nashville,” she began.

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Connie as Rayna on Nashville.

“When the show was moved [from ABC] to CMT and we got these great new showrunners — Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick — I was [confident] the show would be in a good place,” Connie continued. “Because one thing we learned over the summer is how passionate the fans are. We would not be on the air right now if it weren’t for the fans.”

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Here’s hoping we’ll get to see Rayna on the small screen again one day soon!