Family fun! Clint Eastwood is in for a real treat. His son Scott Eastwood revealed he plans on doing something low-key for his dad’s 90th birthday on May 31.

“We’re going to do just a family thing,” he said in a Wednesday, May 27, interview with Access Hollywood. “Very calm, very mellow. He doesn’t like birthdays. He’s just sort of like, ‘I don’t want to do birthdays,’ so we’ll have a nice lunch.”

Clint Eastwood

But when it’s time for dessert, Scott plans on surprising his dad with a yummy birthday cake. “We’ll sneak a cake in there, definitely,” the actor said. “He probably won’t like it, but we’ll put one in.”

Hopefully, everything runs smoothly. In an October 2019 interview with Closer WeeklyClint’s 47-year-old daughter, Alison Eastwood, said her dad “hates his birthday.” 

“He probably won’t even want us to acknowledge it,” she revealed. “I think ‘cause he’s [89]. I think he just wants to work and enjoy his life but I don’t think he wants to celebrate it. He hates his birthday for some reason. We’ve all tried to get him into it but he won’t do it. So we’ll see.”

Although Clint isn’t really a fan of birthday celebrations, he is appreciative of the time he’s spent with his family. The producer still “keeps in touch with all eight of his children and their families,” an insider exclusively told Closer Weekly in the magazine’s latest issue, on newsstands now. “He’s taken great comfort that at this time of his life, all his kids are close.”

The Mule actor also adores his girlfriend, Christina Sandera, for standing by his side since they first met in 2014. “He’s truly happy with her,” the insider shared. “She’s fun, easygoing and his kids like her, too. She’s on an even keel like he is.”

As Clint makes another trip around the sun, he’ll keep up his “healthy” diet and fitness routine. The A-lister “has a private chef who cooks high protein, low-fat cuisine for him,” the source revealed. “He exercises every day, with weight training, and he still does push-ups!” Maybe on his birthday, Clint will have a little bit of cake.