Clint Eastwood is prioritizing his health in his 90s! The iconic actor is staying fit at 91 by enjoying time outdoors and playing sports, but he doesn’t do anything “too strenuous,” an insider exclusively tells Closer Weekly.

“Clint still golfs …. he likes to take long walks,” the source shares with Closer following the Gran Torino‘s latest milestone on May 31, noting Clint always stays on top of his diet. “He loves food, but he never overeats.”

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Because the Academy Award winner has made his health a priority as he’s gotten older, he still feels in one of the best shapes of his life — mentally, at least. “Clint’s brain is on point … he joked that it’s his body that lags behind,” the insider dishes.

While Clint isn’t as busy when it comes to showbiz, he’s “got a couple of projects in the works,” the source says. “Not dozens like he used to have, but he’s directed and starring in Cry Macho, which he’s very proud of.”

Considering the Mule alum is still so involved in Hollywood, it seems retirement isn’t on the horizon. Though the insider reveals he has “no” plans to leave the showbiz scene, he “talks about slowing down” eventually. “There’s only so much he could [do],” the source adds.

Instead of thinking about retiring, however, Clint is making the most of the blessings in his life. “He’s very comfortable with his daily routine,” the insider tells Closer, noting the simple things that make the Unforgiven actor the happiest.

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“He looks forward to a good meal, reading, getting scripts, golf,” the source explains. “But he really looks forward to another directing project, possibly acting in it too. He’s always looking for good stories to tell. He’s a storyteller. That’s always been his thing.”

In addition to his professional work, Clint is relishing his role as the dad of his eight children, Laurie, Alison, Kyle, Scott, Kimber, Kathryn, Francesca and Morgan. He’s also in a loving relationship with his girlfriend of more than six years, Christina Sandera.

For his 91st birthday, the Dirty Harry alum spent the day surrounded by his partner and “some of his kids,” the insider tells Closer. “Clint had a very quiet birthday with Christina. Scott, Kathryn, Alison stopped by his home in Carmel,” the source shares. “He got a lot of text messages and calls from friends and family and his other kids.”