On season 4 of Homeland, Claire Danes, got to experience a whole new side of motherhood when her character, Carrie Mathison, voluntarily gave up custody of her daughter in season four.

“I was really glad to explore that, because I think it’s still a very stubborn taboo. Women are allowed a lot these days, relative to what they have been, but they’re still not quite allowed to not want to be mothers,” she recently told Porter Edit. “So it was really interesting playing someone who didn’t love it and didn’t want it.”

Claire Danes son

In the real world, however, Claire, 40, loves being a mom to her 7-year-old son, Cyrus, and her 1-year-old son, Rowan. Her work takes her all over the world and she admits it has definitely had an impact on her children.

“Both our sons learnt to crawl in Morocco,” she explained about one of Homeland‘s shooting locations. “And I have some amusing breast-pumping photos in Moroccan green rooms.”

The actress shares her kids with Hannibal star Hugh Dancy. In September 2019, they made a huge milestone in their marriage when they celebrated a decade of being husband and wife. “When I started Homeland, I was barely married, and now, we just had our 10-year anniversary and we have a seven-year-old and a toddler,” Claire said in disbelief. “What the f–k?”

Claire Danes family

One thing she isn’t shocked about, though, is her age. “I always felt the age I am now, so it’s nice to catch up with my actual age,” the blonde beauty said. “It feels appropriate.”

Sadly, Claire won’t be playing Carrie anymore as Homeland is currently on it’s eighth and final season. “I’ll miss playing such a brilliant, intrepid, impulsive, flawed hero,” the Emmy winner said in memory of her iconic character. “She’s a pain in the ass but she is always right in the end. She tends to prevail in her own perverse way.”