Cindy Crawford Wears Stunning Outfit to Light the Empire State Building Blue

Supermodel Cindy Crawford looked so gorgeous when she visited the Empire State Building on Tuesday, March 3, to light the landmark blue in honor of International Women’s Day. She posed for pictures wearing a stylish green blazer with a white button-down shirt and a pair of skinny jeans.

The event was held in partnership with the non-profit organization Delivering Good and Jones New York. Being there was important to Cindy because she has always stood up for women’s rights and has tried to change the standard of beauty in the modeling industry.

In June 2019, she opened up about being bullied for her nude photo shoots. I remember some snarky person on Instagram — there seem to be a lot of those — posted something like, ‘Ah, why are you still doing those at your age?’” she said at a Q&A hosted by WWD. “And I was like, is there an age where being nude isn’t beautiful? It’s just a different kind of beauty.”

“That is part of the reason I still do shoots,” she continued. However, the Fair Game actress added it’s “a little harder” now for her to get camera-ready. “I hope this is politically correct, but sometimes I say I need Viagra for shoots. It’s harder to get it up.”

The fashionista also opened up about aging in the modeling industry in a November 2017 interview with The Cut.

“You feel a little apologetic that you can’t deliver in the same way that you could when you were 20 or 25,” she said. “Everything changes: your skin, your hair, and your body. I take care of myself but I know that I’m a 51-year-old woman. There are times when that’s hard and I’m also sure it’s hard for my sisters who aren’t models. I want to do my job well, and I want to deliver but I also know that what I have to offer now is different from what I had to offer at 25.”

Don’t worry, Cindy. You still look amazing!

Scroll below to see pics of Cindy looking amazing at the Empire State Building!