Model Chrissy Teigen and her husband, John Legend, recently made the cutest announcement that they are expecting their second child sometime in 2018 — and so far, Chrissy is loving her pregnancy! She’s always been open about enjoying being pregnant, but this time around, there is one issue she’s been struggling with during her second pregnancy: major headaches! Watch the video below to read her funny tweet on the serious matter!

Only the hilarious Chrissy can make her pain laughable, but her plea for help is still heard. She must be dealing with some serious headaches! We wonder if she also experienced them when she was pregnant with her daughter, Luna…

Now that Chrissy’s in the middle of her second pregnancy, the world can’t wait for the baby to be born and for little Luna to be a big sister. Chrissy even previously hinted the gender of the baby is a boy! “Oh my God, a little boy is next for sure!” Chrissy told E! News at the 2017 SAG Awards. She also elaborated on Twitter how exactly she knew she would have a boy even before she got pregnant. “Since this is coming up again, I said our next baby would be a boy because that is the embryo we have left. A boy. So. Yeah.” Soun like Little Luna is going to have a little baby brother soon!

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Chrissy and John have always been open about their journey with in vitro fertilization. “You know, sometimes it’s just harder for some people than for others. We’re just happy that we were able to do it with our doctor,” the “Love Me Now” singer said in a previous interview. “He’s never really told us that there was something specific that he could identify was the reason why it just didn’t work out naturally. We did what we had to do.” It’s such exciting news that the family is expanding from three to four! Hopefully, Chrissy figures out a headache cure soon so she can enjoy the rest of her pregnancy.