So funny! While everyone is profusely washing their hands to not catch coronavirus, Chip Gaines‘ son Crew is doing something completely different to stay healthy.

The dad of five shared an adorable pic to Instagram on Sunday, March 15, of his 19-month-old kid wearing huge earmuffs. He penned the caption, “Crew has the wrong idea entirely about the coronavirus … #StaySafeWearEarMuffs??” LOL.

After the post was live, Chip’s fans expressed how much they loved the photo in the comments section. “So much awesome about this pic! His chunky little hands, his celestial cozy sweater, his grin and of course the fuzzy muffs. Thanks for the smile!” Another said, “He’s a ‘chip’ off the old block! He’s precious!” A third joked, “He’s’ adorable! All your kids are. [You’re] so very blessed.”

Chip shares Crew and his older kids — Drake, 15, Ella, 14, Duke, 11, and Emmie, 10 — with his loving wife, Joanna Gaines. The pair have managed to raise their kids in a happy home because it’s all about the “quality time” they’ve spent together, a source told Closer Weekly in April 2019.

“They always eat meals together at the table and their family nights include games like cards and checkers, then bedtime stories and prayers. In this house, mom’s rules include no cell phones or TV, homework first then play and no computers after 6 p.m. In the evening, the kids kick back by reading each other stories. Everyone says they have a perfect life,” the source said, and they jokingly added that “three bathrooms don’t hurt either.”

However, there’s a little more to it than just spending some quality time at home. Chip and Joanna have managed to balance their family and work-life perfectly because they always put their children first.

“For the record: If there’s ever a need with my family, I’ll shut this circus down so fast it will make your head spin,” Chip wrote via Twitter in April 2018 after someone questioned his parenting. “But Jo and I believe that with God, anything is possible, including having an amazing family and a career you love.”

No wonder Crew isn’t concerned about getting coronavirus. He has two loving parents who keep him safe!

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