Aww! When Chip Gaines‘ 45th birthday came around on Thursday, November 14, he received so much love from his family. Aside from a beautiful tribute his wife of 16 years, Joanna Gaines, wrote him, he also got a few lovely gifts from his five kids — Drake, 14, Ella, 13, Duke, 11, Emmie, 9, and Crew, 1.

“What do you get a man who has ALL he ever wanted … all he ever dreamt of really?” the dad of five asked in a new Instagram post. “My kids always know how to look deep into my heart and get me just what I need to make me feel loved and adored on my birthday. ‘If a man has a family who knows him, and adores him, he has EVERYTHING.’ — me.”

According to Chip’s caption, his kids knew he didn’t want anything expensive for his birthday. In the sentimental snap, he showed five objects that were carefully placed on top of a white table top. One was a blue pencil that had the words “Lyra Magazzino” inscribed on it, and the tool appeared to go along with the golden pencil sharpener sitting right above it.

There were also two Christmas ornaments of a squirrel and a hog but, in the middle of all of his gifts was a single playing card that was separated from the rest of its deck. Even though his gifts seemed random, Chip loved everything his kids got him. Thanks to all of the time that he spends with his children, he has a very happy life at home.

“It’s about quality time together, but also giving each other space — and three bathrooms don’t hurt either,” an insider previously shared to Closer Weekly about what makes Chip and Joanna happy. “They always eat meals together at the table and their family nights include games like cards and checkers, then bedtime stories and prayers.”

“In this house, mom’s rules include no cell phones or TV, homework first then play and no computers after 6 p.m,” the source added. “In the evening, the kids kick back by reading each other stories. Everyone says they have the perfect life.”

Chip and Joanna have everything that they need to be happy, and it all starts with the love that have for each another!