If you’re a fan of Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines (who isn’t?!) you’re going to want to pay attention to this — the Fixer Upper couple is hiring! On Thursday, Feb. 22, Joanna took to Instagram to share an exciting job posting with her nearly seven million followers. “We’re looking to grow our creative department here at Magnolia, so we’re hosting a different kind of job fair this March! If that interests you, read more about how to apply at the link in my profile,” she wrote. “And remember, it takes all types of creative people to build something beautiful — there’s no real formula to what we’re looking for other than creativity, passion for what you do, and a willingness to move to Waco, TX!”

On Chip and Jo’s official Magnolia website, the job posting further advertised, “It takes a team of all types of creatives to build something beautiful — so, as we’re adding to the list of big, innovating things we want to create here at Magnolia, we’re looking to grow our creative team! So, we’ve decided to host a new kind of job fair! What we mean by ‘new’ is that we don’t want to focus on typical job applicant requirements, like references and resumes. While those things are great, and we’d love to take a peek at them, what we really want to focus on is seeing your skill, craft or creativity in action.”

“Because we’re looking for all types of creatives, we don’t want to box you in with specific job listings or descriptions,” the posting read. Next, the message listed just two requirements for job applicants. First, that you are “ready and willing to move to Waco, TX” and that you “have a creative skill such as blogging, photography, photo styling, social media specific skills, writing, graphic design, calligraphy, web design, etcetera.”

The post went on to explain that the upcoming two-day recruitment event for the gig will take place on a Friday and Saturday sometime in March. “During this time, you and the creative dept. will have the opportunity to get to know each other and get a better idea of how we could work together,” the website explained. Sounds like a dream job opportunity to us!